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Turnbuckle Beautiful And Safe Jul 19, 2017

Turnbuckle mainly by copper, iron and other materials produced, the surface of electroplating treatment, generally with the chain, the opening ring supporting the use; Mainly used for toy accessories, Eye Turnbuckle craft jewelry accessories, gift accessories, such as pendants or ornaments used; its characteristic is the opening place has a nut to lock, beautiful and safe.

Screw buckle can be used, the workpiece needs to be used to the end of the diameter of the wire to grind a little smaller, this is conducive to speed up the process of wire, Eye Turnbuckle set the wire should be rotated three times, and then reverse a circle, so that the cutting of the metal chip quickly break and fall off, to improve the processing accuracy of the sleeve wire.

Turnbuckle is the physical and mathematical principle of the circular rotation and friction of the object, and gradually fastening the tools of the objects. Turnbuckle is a general term for fasteners, everyday colloquial. Turnbuckle is an indispensable industrial necessity in daily life: such as cameras, glasses, clocks, electronics, such as the use of a small screw buckle; television, electrical products, musical instruments, furniture and other general screw buckle; As for engineering, construction, bridges, the use of large turnbuckle, nuts, traffic equipment, aircraft, trams, cars and so on is the size of turnbuckle. Turnbuckle has an important task in industry, Eye Turnbuckle as long as there is industry on Earth, the function of turnbuckle is always important. Turnbuckle is the common invention of people's production and life for thousands of years, according to the application field, it is the first great invention of mankind.