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The Use Skill Of American Shackle Sep 01, 2017

American shackle is very popular in the mechanical industry, the application of American shackle is also very extensive, it is widely used in a variety of large-scale production equipment.

American Shackle is the use of high-quality alloy steel material die forging, the safety factor reached 4-6 times, fully meet the Crosby standard; US Type Shackle We produce the American-style shackle surface plating zinc, hot-dip galvanized and paint three treatment methods. American shackle relative to the national standard shackle and heavy duty deduction volume small, a few major advantages of high safety. US Type Shackle American shackle working environment requires $number and 120 degrees, and is not suitable for long term use of strong alkali salt environment.

Use: American shackle is widely used in machinery, metallurgy, electric power, railway, Water Conservancy, port, mining, construction, Wharf, papermaking, Chemical industry and so on.

American Shackle is also a kind of shackle, is also a rigging, the use of American shackle attention to a lot of matters, the following small series for everyone to resolve.

1, Mark and inspection certificate to remove the buckle, US Type Shackle strictly prohibited to put into use.

2, the use of American shackle before you must check the appearance of the product has cracks and product load rating. No overload is allowed.

3, American shackle to use the link to smooth vertical lifting, with angle to pull, to consider the work load will have a corresponding change, the maximum angle can not exceed 60 °.

4, American shackle used in supporting the use of sling specifications, type of choice: American Shackle use when choosing the unloading specification, it is necessary to include the size, US Type Shackle weight and shape of the lifting ground load, as well as the methods of using the ground to be used for the method of the use of the joint influence to calculate consideration, give the requirements of the ultimate work force, while working environment, The type of load must be considered.

5, the use of the shackle to ensure the safety of personnel. In the hoisting process, US Type Shackle pay close attention to ensure the safety of personnel, must be warned in the dangerous state of personnel, if necessary, immediately from the danger zone to withdraw. Other parts of the hand or body must be removed from the sling to prevent damage when the sling is slack.

6, accurate storage shackle. When the lifting operation is completed, it must be put back, properly stored, if no longer used, it must be stored in clean, dry, good ventilation conditions, room temperature, US Type Shackle away from the heat source, can erode the appearance of the gas, chemicals, direct solar light or other strong ultraviolet radiation. Priority to the use of storage items, must check the release of any damage occurred during the use of the process, not to store damaged slings. American shackle is used in the use of wetting, US Type Shackle or due to cleaning reasons, will be hung up, natural dry.

The use of American shackle is a precondition of the development of our country's machinery and equipment, and also a symbol of our country's maturation.