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Shackles Can Be Classified By Form Bow Shackle And D-type Shackle Mar 05, 2016

Shackle is a kind of rigging, widely used in railways, electric power, metallurgy, chemical industry, ships, shipbuilding, petroleum, machinery, and pharmaceutical, aircraft, ports, mining, construction and other businesses. Shackle in place of use can be divided into marine shackles and continental both in shackles, safety factor 4 times by shackle shackle, 6 times, 5 times times times the shackles, or even 8 times times the shackles. Classified according to the form of shackle bow shackle, and d. According to the standard of production is generally divided into standard shackle, ANSI standard shackle shackle, day three. Longhai lifting shackle complete specifications.