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Practical Performance Of Anchored Shackles May 24, 2017

The shackle body (1) is U-shaped, and the shackle body (1) is provided with a pin hole, a shackle cross pin (2 ) Is fitted in the pin hole of the shackle body (1), and one end of the shackle crossbar (2) is welded to the shackle body (1). The invention has the advantages of simple structure, Anchor Shackle stable connecting bolts, easy disassembly and reusable, and can meet the practical performance of the marine chain, and can be mass-produced.

Many of the ship's outfitting equipment, anchor equipment is one of the important parts. Its function is to ship safely and reliably parked in the scheduled waters or sea area. Anchor Shackle An anchor is an indispensable device for ensuring the safety of a ship. Pin, anchor, anchor, anchor (also known as cross bar or stabilizer bar) and anchor unloading and other components

Loss of anchor and prevention

Anchor Shackle Ship loss anchor and ship loss of propeller cap, is often happen, the anchor is anchored by the anchor and anchor chain together, so the anchor is lost in two cases. One is caused by the reasons for the unloading of the anchor, the second is caused by the cause of the chain.

1, anchored deduction caused

    The anchor is made of steel and is made of forged or welded with a pin on it. Anchors are generally hanging on both sides of the bow outboard, due to long-term impact by the storm and the impact of retracting, pin bolt loosening and detachment possible. When the pin tied off, it caused the loss of the anchor.

2, caused by the chain

    Anchorage chain due to the use of years, serious wear and tear, when the anchor is simply placed in the hard substrate, Anchor Shackle plus the anchor speed is too fast, there will be broken anchor, will also cause lost anchor. The loss of the anchor can be prevented, before the ship sails should carefully check the situation of anchor shackles, if loose, timely processing. Anchor chain according to ship inspection requirements, on time repair and replacement. As long as the above two points, coupled with the anchor when the speed should be appropriate, Anchor Shackle the anchor will not be lost.

With the development of science and technology and shipbuilding industry, new anchors will continue to emerge and provide reliable protection for the safety of ships.