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Maintenance Method Of Hoisting Hook Jul 06, 2017

Hoist Hook is one of the important parts of cranes, it is related to the use of cranes and heavy connection is close, is also the guarantee of safe lifting. In the daily work, in order to ensure that the crane can work safely, often need to check the lifting hook, then the day-to-day inspection of the lifting hook is what?

1, hoisting the use of the new hoist hook in the use of Yao inspection, there should be a manufacturer of technical documentation, otherwise not blindly put into use, Hoist Hook the new lifting hook of the opening degree to be measured, should comply with the provisions.

2, the new hoisting hook should do load test.

3, hoisting hook before use, should check the lifting hook on the rated weight, not less than the actual weight. If no marking or weight mark is ambiguous, Hoist Hook it should be recalculated and tested to determine its rated weight.

4, the lifting hook three dangerous section uses the fire oil cleaning, uses the magnifying glass to see has the flaw. On the plate lifting hook on the price difference of the village sets, pin wear.

5, lifting lifting the use of the lifting hook, the surface should be smooth, Hoist Hook can not have cracks, nicks, sharp corners, seams and cracks and other defects.

6. The connection part of the lifting hook should be inspected frequently to confirm whether the connection is reliable and the lubrication is good.

7, the hoisting hook in the use process, should carry on the periodical inspection, the main content has the distortion, the crack, the abrasion, the corrosion and so on, Hoist Hook and should do the record.

8. Hang the sling to the bottom of the lifting hook when hanging the sling. In the process of a company, if you need to hook up the hoist hook directly in the ring of the component, you can not hard, so as to avoid the hook in the side force, resulting in distorted deformation.

9, lifting hook is not allowed to overload operation.

10, lifting hook shall not repair welding.

11. The lifting hook shall be fitted with a safety device for preventing decoupling.

Lifting hooks are cranes on the crane, in the hoisting of the object is mainly hooked the load-bearing rope, in the start-up of the object hanging, so that the object to the desired height. Hoist Hook If it just looks like it's quite simple, but this is in the lifting hook and other components without any problems, if the lifting hook or with the lifting hook matching parts have any problems, the consequences will probably be suspended high altitude objects fall, can not imagine how dangerous it would be. Therefore, must regularly check the lifting hook to ensure the safety of the work.

Repair method of hoisting hook:

(1) Use kerosene to clean the lifting hook body, Hoist Hook wipe dry with a magnifying glass after comprehensive inspection, such as detection of cracks, do not allow repair welding, should be replaced immediately.

(2) Check the pull plate, the beam and other parts, pull the hole in serious wear can be used for welding after the high quality electrode to repair the hole: if the replacement of new pieces, you must ensure that the material mechanical properties meet the requirements.

(3) for the use of a certain time of the lifting hook, Hoist Hook because of the role of wire rope, often make the lifting hook surface hardening, for this, the lifting hook once a year annealing treatment. The forging hook of No. 20th steel, annealing temperature is 500-600 Shan, and the slow cooling is ensured, so that its mechanical properties are invariable.