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Loose Wire Thread Insert Solution Mar 05, 2016

1, spring washers, spring washers the flat elastic force produce larger nuts with preload and radial force, but its small bearing surface, bearing surface compressive stress caused by loose and the initial mobilization were larger, total locking performance is poor, its important function is to improve the fatigue strength of the connection.

2, long sleeve, preload can be larger, initial loosening is unlikely, preload the nut of radial expansion away from external radial forces, the balance is not easy to destroy it, there is some locking effect, but also improves the strength and fatigue strength.

3 and tighten fastening bolts again after a period of continuous work, reduces the initial loosening, some relaxed.

4, flat washers, can resist bearing surface compressive stress caused by loose, but its initial loosening caused by large, always locking performance is poor.