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Good Safety Of Hook Jun 23, 2017

Hook, the English name Lifting Hook, is the most common hoisting machinery. The hook often uses the pulley group and other parts to hang on the hoisting mechanism's steel wire rope. The hook is divided into single hook and double crochet according to the shape, according to the manufacturing method, the forging hook and the laminated hook. Laminated hook by a number of pieces of cutting formed steel riveted, Lifting Hooks the individual plate cracks when the entire hook will not be damaged, good security, but larger, mostly used in large weight or suspended steel ladle crane. The hook is often impacted in the course of operation and must be made of high quality carbon steel with good toughness. Hook forming requires a series of complex processes, through-heat forging is the most important process in all processes. Shan piece Hook mandrel wear up to the original size of 5%, should replace the mandrel.

The minimum distance between the top of the hook device and the lower end of the trolley frame: the twice times of the upper rotary rate is 1000mm, the 4 times times the rate is 700mm, Lifting Hooks the lower rotary twice times the rate is 800mm, the 4 times times the rate is 400mm, at this time should be able to stop lifting immediately. What do you mean

This refers to the lifting of the maximum safety distance of the hook, must be installed in the tower when the high bit switch (this switch generally in the tower crane balance arm lifting reel), so that the crane hook in the ascent to the distance as described above, automatic power off, Lifting Hooks to avoid the hook with the car and crane arm collision Because the hook and heavy weight in the cessation of inertia, and tower crane wear rope twice times rate than 4 times times the rate of the hook movement speed, so twice times the rate of the upper limit of the security distance is greater. Turning up and down refers to the revolving mechanism of the tower crane, the slewing mechanism of the revolving crane is above the tower body, rotates only the crane arm to rotate, the tower body does not move. The slewing mechanism of the downward revolving tower crane is under the tower and rotates at the same time when the crane arm and the tower body rotate.

The type of hook can be divided into-eye-type grasping hook, claw hook, eye type slip hook, claw hook, with tongue patch eye type slip hook.

In the structure can be divided into welded and forged hook.

Hook classification is very wide, generally include: Shackle, rings, rings, pear-shaped ring, long rings, combined rings, S hook, Nose hook, American hook Claw hook, eye-shaped slip hook,Lifting Hooks  with insurance card rings screws, chain shackle, with unique, novel, high quality, safe features, applicable to factories, mines, petroleum, chemical and ship terminals. Ensure safety, quality safety factor, static load up to 3 times times. Starting weight from 5 tons $number tons.