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American Shackle To Be Stored In Dry Place Sep 13, 2017

American shackle is a kind of deduction. Domestic production and sales of American shackle, most are in accordance with the United States CROSB deduction standard production. American shackle compared with our national standard shackle and Japanese-style shackle smaller size, lighter weight, higher safety factor.

American shackle and transverse pins are 40Cr material, but most of our domestic American shackle is made of 45th # Steel, with 40Cr for transverse pins. US Type Shackle Surface treatment is generally galvanized or painted.

Specifications and Precautions

American Shackle has a total of 21 kinds of 0.5t1t1.5t2t3.25t4.75t6.5t8.5t9.5t12t13.5t17t25t35t55t85t120t150t200t300t500t specifications, $number, $number, 2130, 21,504 models.

American Shackle Usage Requirements

1, American shackle use American shackle, not overload, US Type Shackle to prevent the problem of American shackle.

2, in order to prevent the American shackle Transverse force, in the link rope or the rings, should be one of the root in the transverse pin, US Type Shackle the other one in the bend ring, are not allowed to set in the American shackle on the two straight paragraph above.

3, lifting operations completed, to remove the American shackle in time, and the transverse pin into the curved ring, full thread, to ensure that American shackle intact.

4, American shackle on the thread part, to regularly apply oil, US Type Shackle to ensure that its lubrication does not rust.

5, American shackle should be stored in a dry place, and the board will be good mat.

6, prohibit the use of horizontal pins without thread of American shackle, if necessary, to have a reliable safeguard measures to prevent the horizontal pin slide out.

American shackle working environment requires $number and 120 degrees, US Type Shackle and is not suitable for long term use of strong alkali salt environment.

American shackle after the following conditions require scrap:

1: There is a rift.

2: The degree of wear is more than 10% of the unloading body.

3: The shackle appears deformed.

4: The tensile test of the regular security clearance of the failure to meet the shackles.