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American Shackle Small And Strength Jul 06, 2017

American shackle is very popular in the mechanical industry, the application of American shackle is also very extensive, it is widely used in a variety of large-scale production equipment.

Unloading is also called shackle, the type of shackle has American shackle, bow shackle, straight type shackle. It is one of the important tools in hoisting work, and it is used to fasten the sling when hoisting pillars, trusses and beams.

It is made up of a horseshoe ring and a stop pin. US Type Shackle For the convenience of decoupling, China's installation workers to the above-American shackle to be modified, made into a semi-automatic American shackle, also known as semi-automatic decoupling, which brings a lot of benefits for installation.

American Shackle Maximum 6 times times safety factor is widely used by customers. The alloy structural steel is forged and heat treated, with small volume and high strength, US Type Shackle the test load is twice times the limit working load and the breaking load is 4 times times the limit working load. By the way: at present, better shackle is usually made of alloy steel, which changed the history of carbon structural steels in the past.

GB Shackle includes the general use of the reuse of shackle, marine shackle and ordinary shackle. Heavy weight, larger size, generally not installed in the location of the infrequently removed. US Type Shackle Choose to remove the buckle should pay attention to the safety factor, generally 4 times times, 6 times times and 8 times times.

American shackle is now a very common kind of rigging, the use of American shackle is very common, the following on the small series for everyone to share a professional introduction.

1, the unloading should be smooth and flat, do not allow cracks, sharp edges, over burning and other defects.

2, prohibit the use of cast iron or cast steel shackle. US Type Shackle The fastener can be forged by using a sedative steel, and the axle pin can be machined after the rod is forged.

3, should not be in the discharge of drilling or welding repair. The fastener and the axle pins shall not be repaired after permanent deformation.

4, the use of shackle, should check the buckle and latch, not serious wear, deformation and fatigue crack.

5, the use of the shackle, the transverse spacing should not be pulled, the axle pin must be plugged into the insurance pin.

6, the correct assembly of the axle pins, US Type Shackle the clasp body width should not be significantly reduced, good thread connection.

7, the use of shackle shall not exceed the prescribed safety load.

In general, the use of American shackle is very extensive and is a common product in our life.