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American Shackle Safety Factor Higher Oct 31, 2017

American shackle is a shackle. Domestic production and sales of American shackles, most of them are in accordance with the United States Crosb American shackle standard production. American shackles compared to our national standard American shackle and Japanese American shackle smaller, lighter weight, higher safety factor.

American shackle 0.5T 1T 1.5T 2T 3.25T 4.75T 6.5T 8.5T 9.5T 12T 13TT 17T 25T 35T 55T85T 120T 150T 200T 300T 500T Total 21 kinds of specifications, 209,210,2130,2150 four models.

In the American shackle production process, heating with 300kw medium frequency induction furnace, billet baked temperature control in the 1150 a 1180 ℃, this temperature range to ensure that the forging after heat quenching forging temperature uniformity. Due to the American Shackle the minimum cross-section diameter of 22.4 a 52,8, and no thin wall, does not produce quenching cracks, so no pre-cooling, US Type Shackle can be directly quenched. Quenching with the conveyor chain, the chain speed should be consistent with the forging production rhythm, American shackle in the chain running cooling, the spacing shall not be less than 250px, or easy to produce uneven hardness or soft point. US Type Shackle Quenching medium with 5% to 8% CaCl2 aqueous solution, the temperature 20 to 40 ℃, American unloading water temperature 100 to 150 ℃. Tempering furnace resistance furnace, according to American shackle product standards, tempering hardness of 22 a 29HRC. In order to facilitate drilling and tapping, hardness control in 22 a 26HRC is appropriate. US Type Shackle Drilling with low speed, the greater the amount of feed. After drilling the thread and post-processing.

American shackles are made of high quality carbon structural steel or alloy structural steel forging and heat treatment. The volume is small and the strength is high. The test load is 2 times the ultimate working load and the breaking load is 4 times the ultimate working load. American shackles are 1 / 4-4-1 / 2, from 2 tons to 200 tons a total of more than 20 specifications, American deduction points 210,2150,209,2130 four forms.

American shackle work environment requires minus 40 degrees and 120 degrees, US Type Shackle not suitable for strong alkali strong salt environment long-term use.

American shackle requirements

1, American shackle use American shackle, not overload, to prevent American shackle problems.

2, in order to prevent American shackles horizontal force, in the link rope or hanging ring, one of the sets should be set in the cross pin, the other set in the bending ring, are not allowed to set in the US shackle two straight Section above.

3, after the completion of lifting operations, to promptly remove the American shackle, US Type Shackle and the cross-pin into the bending ring, the full thread to ensure that American shackles complete lossless.

4, American shackles on the threaded part, to regularly oil, to ensure that its lubrication is not rust.

5, American shackle to be stored in a dry place, and the board will be a good pad.

6, are not allowed to use the cross-pin non-threaded American shackle, US Type Shackle if required to use, US Type Shackle to have reliable safeguards to prevent the cross-slide out.

American shackle after the following circumstances require scrapping:

1: cracks appear.

2: wear more than 10% of American shackle body.

3: American shackle deformation.

4: US-style shackles that are not up to standard at the time of the regular security test.