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Hooks Belong To A Sorting Device Jun 09, 2017

Hooks are a kind of take-up device, which is a very important handling method for the crane. Lifting Hooks It can safely and efficiently assist the crane to operate, and can save time and reduce the cost.

Depending on the shape of the article to be conveyed, the device of the object can be divided into two types: general purpose and special purpose. There are two types of hooks and rings. The hook is a combination of hooks and moving pulleys, and is a very flexible and simple device. Hooks are divided into two types: long hooks and short hooks. Long hook is a short hook, parallel to the installation of the pull plate. The number of moving pulley can be a single pair, hook beam shorter, better force.

Short-type hooks The pulley shaft is also a hook beam, saving the pull plate, but the number of pulleys need to be symmetrical on both sides, so the pulley shaft is longer, the force is not good, the shaft is thicker. In order to make the hook does not touch the pulley when rotating, you should use the long hook.

But the overall height of the hook is relatively small, Lifting Hooks so the short hook is suitable for lifting the crane on the smaller weight.

Hooks are divided into single hooks and double hooks by shape. They are divided into forged hooks and laminated hooks by manufacturing method.

Single hook manufacturing is simple, easy to use, but the force is not good, mostly used in the weight of 80 tons of the following workplace; from the weight often used symmetrical double hook. Lifting Hooks The laminated hooks are made of a plurality of steel plates which are cut and shaped, and the whole hooks are not damaged when the individual plates are cracked. The safety is better, but the weight is large, mostly used in heavy lifting or lifting On the crane. Hooks are often impacted during operation and are made of high quality carbon steel with good toughness.

Hooks are extremely broad, generally include: shackles, rings, rings, pear rings, long rings, combination rings, S hooks, nose hooks, American hooks hooks, eye hooks, with insurance card rings Screw, chain shackles, with a unique, innovative, high quality, safe features for factories, mines, petroleum, Lifting Hooks chemical and ship terminals and so on. To ensure safety, quality and safety factor, static load to 3 times. From the weight of 5 tons to 150 tons.