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The use of the steel wire spiral sets of installation steps and tools Mar 07, 2016

1, tapping: as the steel wire is a screw standard products, so the tap is dedicated. In order wire screw to tap shall be provided to the manufacturer instructions as follows: nominal diameter, pitch, processed materials, for which one hole or blind hole and the requirements of the precision grade!

1-1, under M10 machine tapping of aluminum, also can use single tap.

1-2, for the large size of steel and cast iron body, in order to ensure the precision and the service life of tap, tap should choose three groups.

2, for the military and the accuracy requirement is very strict and civil products, our factory also provide bottom hole gauge: used to check the installation of steel wire spiral to the precision of the internal thread. To ensure that the steel wire screwing in the screw hole after a screw thread accuracy meets the requirements.

3, thread chamfer: general screw hole at the broken ends its machining chamfering, in order to remove the threaded fastener, to facilitate the twist of the screw. As for the installation of steel wire spiral set screw hole can not machining chamfering. Only remove the burr. If want to machining chamfering, should be made from a 120 ° chamfer to the thread diameter. Don't do 90 ° taper dimpling or chamfer is too large, otherwise will bring wire screw screwing in difficulties.