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Small sleeve problems Mar 07, 2016

Sujiatun Depot will assume its main line freight hauling tasks currently consisted of 251 HXD3B locomotives, locomotives, locomotive-kilometres increased growth in volume, led driving device of locomotive failure rate is increasing and wheel wear, motor burns caused huge wheel driving the spare parts for repairs. No wheel driving past this little minor workshop repair capability, fault on the wheel driving device, motor problems, or wheel issue you need to conduct an overall replacement wheel drive Assembly, fault displacement into the manufacturer for repair, factory wheel driving overall overhaul cost charges and caused a lot of unnecessary cost. In order to solve the above problems, small-auxiliary repairing workshop party branch set up by party member Liu Gangzhong and Qiao Shijie, party research group consisting of staff and thematic research. Them to decompose the failed wheel driving, motor and wheel well to reassemble the spare, spare parts manufacturers to a repair failure realize reduced costs with the goal of reducing fault locomotive stopped.