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Manuel Lujan electrical metal thread, rope and their products manufacturer to apply for a new third Board listing Mar 07, 2016

On February 24, Shandong electric technology company limited recently applied for new sanban, announcements, Board Chairman Xu long, Kong Jian, Deputy General Manager and General Manager Liu Wenli, Executive Director Li Siqiang, Director Liu Shanqiang total shares 15.56%, Manuel Lujan electrical joint actual control. Manuel Lujan group shares 50.5%, Manuel Lujan electrical controlling shareholder.

Dig shellfish ban Institute, new data show, 2013, 2014, 2015 1 – August, Manuel Lujan electrical operating income was 47.5073 million, 54.1078 million, 40.7312 million Yuan and net profits of Yuan, 1.6305 million Yuan and 2.7678 million Yuan respectively.