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Innovative development of sleeve compensator is the key Mar 07, 2016

In recent years, the domestic industry development of sleeve compensator is really looking forward to, its speed is very comforting, for development, during its development, however there are still many problems that cannot be ignored. Because of sleeve compensator of the domestic industry has been in a price war to focus on long-term, sleeve compensator continue wandering in the middle of sleeve compensator industries of the world. Therefore, my sleeve Compensator must transform the way they compete, changing sleeve compensator the vulnerable state of the industry in China.

Domestic compensation has not yet been a real brand. Compensator development mainly relies on strong domestic demand. Due to strong domestic demand in the coming years, therefore, the Compensator has room for development. But competition is intense, including and compensation for foreign competition. Domestic compensator is the gradual loss of comparative advantage, as well as the deterioration of export conditions, compensation is expected to depress exports. Compensator products is expected to be diverse, supporting capacity will be further increased.