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American standard shackle Mar 07, 2016

Hook series are: G80 European eye safety hook, G80 European cleat safety hook, G80 european-style rotating safety hook, G80 European eye hook, G80 european-style claw hook, belt type tongue eye slip, with tongue claw hook, eye hook, claw hook, G80 eye hook, belt wing G80 claw hook with wing, 320 a American eye hook, 320 c American eye hook, American cargo hook, rotating G80 rotating cargo hook, G80 eye turn neck hook, G80 slip wire rope hook, G80 slip, small eye G80 big open hook, G80 eyes wide mouth hook, Taiwan's small eye hook, the steel hook, G80C claw hook, G80 welding hook, G80 steel plate type G hook, S hook, hook nose type, straight shank hook, oil field rotating hook, hook's hangs heavy double hook, hook's hangs heavy ring, universal hanging hook.

Rings series are: G80 American power ring, G80 beauty formula mother ring, die forging circle, American pear type ring, G80 type ring forging pear, G80 die forging triangle ring, G80 die forging type D ring, G80 die forging type D ring (with spring), G80 ohm ring, G80 no beam the mig ring, DIN580 lifting eyebolt, DIN582 rings nut, G80 lifting eyebolt, G80 rings nut, G80 bolt type lifting point, G - 401 American swivel, G - 402 American swivel, G - 403 American rotating fork, G80 swivel, G80 die forging LFS swivel, G80 bearing rotating ring.